About myky


Myky is passionate about people, communication and creativity. It is through education and arts that she is able to allow others to sit back and see their potential in arts when she can walk them through an art session. She always tells people that she never studied arts professionally, and you really don’t need to in order to produce a beautiful piece of art. Many times, we focus too much on the result but with Myky Paints sessions we focus more on the process, and the rewards we can reap even after the session is over. 

Having worked with Paint Nite for 2 years, Myky saw the ability to open up more doors to the community around her. Myky is a passionate educator who was born in Kitchener, Ontario, and raised in Toronto. Having taught over hundreds of paint classes over the past years and graduated from Ryerson and York University with my Bachelors of Education.